What will your '100' be? Print

As a celebration of  Captain Tom Moore’s life, Virgin Money Giving have launched a fundraising weekend on what would have seen his 101th birthday.

Between Friday 30th April an Monday 3rd May, you are invited to think of your own ‘100’ to raise money for your given charity.


So, this is an invitation for you to use your creativity to think of your own ‘100’! Maybe you could walk 100 metres, or bake 100 cakes to sell to your friends? Stay silent for 100 minutes or even run 100 miles?!


Whatever you choose, make sure your friends and family support you in your efforts and let us know so that we can celebrate all your innovative ideas!


The link for donations or for setting up your own fundraising page is as follows: https://captaintom100.virginmoneygiving.com/getinvolved.jsp?charityResourceId=5d4923c2-3cf7-11e3-80f9-00237d37086c


What will your ‘100’ be?