Iulia and Andrada Print

Iulia and Andrada are twin girls who came to us upon request from their parents who were struggling to contain their behaviour in the confines of their tiny bedsit. Mum was at her wits end, having suffered from fits for a long time, and the elder sister, Andreea, was also beginning to feel left out. Since then, Dad has died, but Mum maintains constant contact with the girls and Andreea is a great helper at our Summer School each year.

The twins are classed as being on the ASD Spectrum, but their traumatic birth has left them with severe mental difficulties and the world can often seem a very confusing place for them. In 2007 Iulia had a 6 month ‘catatonic’ episode where her eyes remained shut for 6 months... Little Johns House was her literal life saver... they cared for her, protected her, fed her and gently eased her back into opening her eyes and enjoying life again.