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You can volunteer to help at Little John's House at any time of the year. There are always projects to complete. Most people, however, volunteer at the annual summer school...  

Each year many volunteers from all over Great Britain and beyond head out to Little John's House for the annual summer school. Throughout the summer months Little John’s House opens its doors for respite help for children with special needs throughout Sibiu county. Each day for a week at a time thirty or so children are bussed in from local hospitals, orphanages and individual families, with many of the same children returning year on year.

They take part in enriching experiences involving social interaction, experimental play, observational learning, music and art therapy. For many of these children this is the only “holiday” they have in the whole year and often the only time their parents/carers get a break.

You may be an individual wanting to attend Summer School on your own or you may be part of a group that want to attend together. We welcome everybody who has the common aim of wanting to help.

For more information on attending Summer School, please contact Mags  or one of the trustees, all of whom will be more than willing to help. The contact details are contained withing the 'Contact Us' link on the left.