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A lot has happened since our last entry, when we stated we were about to home a new family. Unfortunately, this family are still stuck in the Ukraine, not able to leave. However, yesterday a different family arrived instead. They only had 20 minutes to leave their home town of Kharkiv as a shell hit their courtyard. They have spent a long time travelling through Ukraine and Romania but at least now they can rest and we can get them what they need.

Whilst we had no residents of our own, we were able to help 9 women and 20 children who are staying at the local student accommodation – they have needed clothes as they left with just a suitcase, thinking that they would be able to go back home soon – medicines, medical appointments and a bit of normality! They also now have a set of children’s books each which have been produced in Romania especially for the refugee children.


Last week we heard of a family that were stuck in Sibiu without food, money or medicines that they needed. They had previously been staying in the refugee camp just inside Romania. They were trying to get to Germany in their old Lada. They literally had £1 left. Their older son has stayed in the Ukrainian army. We will be supporting this family, along with other families currently living in student accommodation in Sibiu. We will support them with medical appointments, medicines, etc. – they a have a lot of children and a pregnant lady there.

Tomorrow we will be hosting 2 women and 3 children at the Day Centre for a month. They are being brought directly from a bombarded city (Dnipro) in Ukraine by some volunteers.



After a few comfortable and enjoyable days in Sibiu, our first Ukrainian family left today and successfully headed to Germany. The LJH team have been amazing in the care and support they have given the family, and they were truly grateful for the help. We wish the family every happiness on the next part of their journey.



Our first family (of three generations) are spending their second night in our Day Care Centre, having travelled for almost 2 weeks to escape their home city of Kharkiv. We wish them a settled stay at LJH and we will do our best to ensure they are comfortable, warm and well looked after.



Update... our first refugee family arrives tomorrow! The team at LJH have worked around the clock to get the Day Centre ready for our first family. Pictures below.

Thank you to all of our wonderful supporters for their amazing donations.




A message from Mags... I am so proud of our team in Romania who are now working hard to make it possible for us to host Ukrainian refugees in our Summer School and Day Centre buildings. This is going to take a great deal of resources, which are already tight, but we just know we cannot stand by without doing all that we can to help. If you would like to support us, please donate via the website or the link below. We guarantee that 100% of your money will go towards helping the precious people stuck in such tragic circumstances. Thank you for your support.